Xiaomi Mibro Lite versus DIZO Watch R

If you are looking for a smart watch that works as well with your phone as it does on its own, then you will love the comparison of the best smartwatches in Pakistan Xiaomi Mibro Lite Smart Watch and DIZO Watch R. So, are you looking for a smartwatch to buy? You’ve found the right place! Here, you’ll find reviews of the best smartwatches on the market.

In this era, smartwatch is becoming the trend. People are serious about their health and looks. Therefore, a health tracker watch can help you to keep track of your daily routine. Smart watches are now being used as a trendy accessory and there are many options available online.

Before Starting the comparison, a little intro regarding the two smartwatches are as mentioned below:

DIZO Watch R

Xiaomi Mibro Lite versus DIZO Watch R

Firstly, DIZO Watch R is the ultimate smart watch for anyone who wants to stay connected and sleep better. However, it is probably something that you should look at. Moreover, is a flat watch with curves and finishing that is suitable for any occasion. Moreover, it is made of a super-lightweight stainless steel material.

Furthermore, it allows you to charge your smartwatch without having any cables around. Also, it has multiple features like accurate time, sleep monitoring and reminders.

Xiaomi Mibro Lite

Xiaomi Mibro Lite versus DIZO Watch R

The Xiaomi Mibro Lite Smart Watch is an impressive smartwatch which not only looks good, but offers plenty of functions as well. I have tried the entire range of smartwatches that Xiaomi has and this is my highest rated one. So, if you’re looking for a smartwatch and considering the Xiaomi Mibro Lite then look no further.

Now, a smart watch has become a necessity and not just an item of fashion. So, the technology has improved, allowing us to respond to information from different apps on the go, making our lives easier. However, Xiaomi’s new Mibro Lite smart watch is one smart choice but not more than DIZO Watch R. Furthermore, for those who want to be more active and fit than ever before by keeping track of their daily exercise routines and other important things. So, have a look at the comparison between the two smartwatches.


  DIZO Watch R Xiaomi Mibro Lite
Water/Dust Resistant Yes IP68 Certification
Battery 280 mAh 230 mAh
Body Dimension 260.6 x 44.7 x 11.7mm 43 x .9.8mm
Weight 48gms 48gms
Strap Quality Durable/Good Not Durable/Moderate
Pixel 360 x 360 392 dpi
Size 1.3 inches 1.3 inches
Technology Color AMOLED Color AMOLED
Touch screen Yes Yes
Strap Material Silicone Silicone
Resolution 360 x 360 pixels 360 x 360 pixels

It’s not a secret that smartwatches are very popular nowadays and many people are already buying them. So, you might be interested in this comparison of Xiaomi Mibro Lite and DIZO Watch R Smartwatches. Therefore, it shows that the two watches look similar but still have some differences on their appearances, features, prices and other parameters. So, you may have heard of the smartwatch craze and wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Therefore, there are plenty of options out there, Furthermore, I think you’re interested in a quality product that will last as long as possible so you can take it everywhere with you.

Why is Dizo Watch R is better than Xiaomi Mibro Lite?

  • Reliable battery
  • Tracks distance
  • OTA Upgrades
  • Measures pace
  • Better measurement
  • Power-Saving mode
  • Do Not Disturb mode
  • Reliable measurement of pulse and blood oxygen

However, the smartwatches are still new and its popularity is increasing every day. Furthermore, they make our lives easier, help us in times of emergency and even make interacting with other people more fun.