Things You Should Know About iPhone 14 Series in Pakistan

Yesterday, Apple’s flagship store launched its latest technology in its 4 new iPhone 14 models. Every model will make you stunt with its amazing features, performance and design. Along with the launch of iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Max, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Apple has also launched the new Apple Watch Ultra and Apple Airpods Pro in the market worldwide. Have been trying to find the things you should know about the iPhone 14 series? You’re at the right place. Dab Lew Tech Pakistan is Pakistan’s premium tech store which offers iPhone 14 accessories in Pakistan. Covers, screen protectors and chargers for iphone 14 series in Pakistan are available at reasonable and discounted prices. 

iPhone 14 is not just a phone but also an innovative, powerful and stylish design that has retained its popularity even after five years of its launch. This time, it will be launched in three colours black, white and rose gold. You will be able to see a bigger size for all three colours of the iPhone 14 series.

If you have been following the news closely, then you must have heard of the latest upgrades in the iPhone series. Furthermore, these new features are not only quite revolutionary but also very useful.  

Are you looking for the best iPhone 14 Series in Pakistan? 

Well, if you said yes, then this blog is for you. Find out everything about the iPhone 14 including what is new, how much will it cost and why should you buy it. 

While information about the technical specs and features of the iPhone 14 series is limited, we’ve compiled some useful information that you need to know. With the iPhone X and its successors, Apple built a device that looks almost identical but has better performance. It took all the best elements of previous models and combined them into one. This brings us to their newest addition, the iPhone 14 Series.

You will be seeing and experiencing a completely new generation of Apple iPhones, watches and AirPods. First of all, I would like to inform all the readers that most of the things in the launch have been expected and some of the things which have happened were unexpected. iPhone 14 series is launched after one year. Apple always launches its product, even though they have been criticized a lot. Apple always sells eco-system and technology and merely not just performance. Furthermore, it is No #1 Tech Company in the world when it comes to its size as well.

Below mentioned are the four iPhone 14 models which are launched:

  • iPhone 14 
  • iPhone 14 Plus
  • iPhone 14 Pro
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max

However, they have skipped the launch of the mini version of the iPhone and have introduced a newer version with the name of Max.

iPhone 14 Front

Things You Should Know About iPhone 14 Series

The front of the iPhone 14 is similar to iPhone 13 Pro front. However, iPhone 14 Plus is like iPhone 13 Plus. Other than that, all the new models of the iPhone 14 series are made solid and have exceptional features. 

A16 Bionic Chip

Most importantly, after one year, the newer generation has the same processor as last year. If you want to move towards a newer processor in the iPhone, the A16 bionic chip can be found in the iPhone 14 Pro. Apple has just released their latest version of the iphone – Series A16 Bionic Chip. The Series A16 chip has been tested in numerous apps, and has received praises from many users including myself. However, it runs on iOS12 and has an impressive battery life of at least 2 hours of talk-time on one charge.

Things You Should Know About iPhone 14 Series

This is a major improvement to its predecessor, A12 and it makes iPhones faster, 4G LTE support and more efficient. It also enables Siri to use artificial intelligence to understand your speech and recognize the context of natural language questions you are asking. Furthermore, we’ve seen a lot of advancements in new cpu cores, graphics, and technology.


The main camera is X2.5 times better in low light situations as compared to the previous iPhone generations.

Satellite Connectivity

Things You Should Know About iPhone 14 Series

Now your iPhone can be connected to the satellite. Sounds too good to be true, right? Now it’s possible in the new iPhone 14 series. In case, if you are stuck in a network-less area, you can use it through SOS. Initially, it will be used in the USA and Canada. Firstly, it will be free for two years.

One feature that we are particularly excited about is satellite connectivity. However, this is because it allows you to use your iPhone as an internet hotspot and interface with other electronic devices while you’re out in the wild. But before we can get into this feature and all its perks, let’s first understand what satellite connectivity is and how it works. It’s the real deal!

The new iPhone 14 is a powerful phone able to connect to both mobile data carriers and satellite TV. However, it’s been equipped with an LTE modem that can connect without using an active WiFi hotspot or via Wi-Fi Calling.



Things You Should Know About iPhone 14 Series

Apple just announced the iPhone 14 series, and one thing that you may not have noticed is the new E-Sim in place of an LTE modem. While this is a relatively small change, it does mean that your iPhone can support more carriers and offer more data plans.

Especially, in the USA all iPhones will have no sims in the United States of America. Now they will be having E-Sim which is the future of phones.

iPhone Action Mode

iPhone 14 Action Mode is a new feature introduced in iOS 12, which allows you to handle multiple tasks and workflows simultaneously, without compromising on speed. This allows users to navigate different apps using the same gestures for example, adding items to shopping carts, viewing all the files stored on your iPhone’s Camera Roll.

It takes the regular order screen of an iPhone and turns into a more fun, user-friendly way to use it. That’s right, it’s called Action Mode!. This is a new feature like the gimbal mode feature which is used in other devices.


A new technology which was earlier seen in iPhone 13 Pro can now be seen widely in the newer series of iPhone.


Some of the estimated prices of the newly launched iPhone 14 are as mentioned-below:

iPhone 14 4GB RAM and 128GB Storage

Rs. 199,999
iPhone 14 4GB RAM and 256GB Storage Rs. 229,999
iPhone 14 4GB RAM and 512GB Storage Rs. 279,999


We hope this blog has provided you with much-needed information on the iPhone 14 series. However, now that you are armed with everything you need to know, go forth and buy the best iPhone 14 series phone for your needs. You should now be fully primed to consider buying the iPhone 14 Series. So what do you think? Are you ready to get your hands on the new iPhone 14 series?