Samsung’s Next Galaxy Watch May Bring Back A Beloved Feature

Samsung has been a leader in the wearables space for quite some time now. The company’s smartwatches have been applauded for their feature-packed offerings and sleek designs. The next iteration of Samsung’s Galaxy Watch is rumored to bring back a beloved feature that hasn’t been present for a few years now – the rotating bezel. According to sources, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch will feature a touch-sensitive bezel that rotates to help navigate the watch’s interface. The bezel was a beloved feature in Samsung’s earlier smartwatches, but it was removed in the Galaxy Watch Active lineup to make the watches slimmer and sleeker.

However, Samsung has apparently heard the feedback from its customers, and the company is now set to bring back the rotating bezel. The feature is expected to make navigation much more convenient and intuitive than using the touchscreen alone.

Samsung's Next Galaxy Watch May Bring Back A Beloved Feature


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