iPhone To Replace Car Keys

Finding it daunting to believe the latest news about iPhone to replace car keys? Yes, it’s true! When looking for cars that support Apple’s Car Key feature, drivers could soon have another option to choose from. Lotus, the popular British sports car manufacturer, has already been seen as a potential contender, but now it looks like Mercedes-Benz is also ready to support the feature. Using Car Key, Apple enthusiasts can use their iPhone or Apple Watch instead of physical keys. To perform vehicle functions like locking, unlocking, and starting.

Apple is reportedly developing technology that will allow iPhone users. To unlock and start their cars with their phones, effectively replacing traditional car keys. The company is said to be working on this feature, which will use. The NFC (near-field communication) technology found in the iPhone, alongside car manufacturers. The technology will require an iPhone with an NFC chip and will be compatible with vehicles that have NFC-enabled car doors and ignition systems. This means that drivers will be able to unlock their car doors and start the ignition. By simply holding their iPhone close to the car. One of the biggest advantages of using your iPhone as a car key is that you won’t have to worry about losing your keys or forgetting it inside the car. Furthermore, you can also share the key with other family members or friends through the iPhone’s shareable digital key feature.

With the company boasting a large and loyal user base, the move could make digital car keys a standard feature on future vehicles. In addition to convenience, as Apple’s iPhones already include advanced security features such as face and touch ID. It is expected that the same level of security will be applied to the digital car keys.


iPhone To Replace Car Keys

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