iPhone 16 Pro To Have The World’s Thinnest Bezels

In September, Apple is expected to launch its highly anticipated iPhone 16 Pro, featuring the world’s thinnest screen bezels ever seen in an iPhone. Reports from Chinese tipsters have provided insight into the design details. According to the insights it has been revealed that the iPhone 16 Pro will boast bezels measuring a mere 1.2 mm. While its larger counterpart, the iPhone 16 Pro Max, will push the boundaries even further with bezels reduced to just 1.15 mm. The new iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max are going to have screens with very tiny borders, making them almost completely ‘bezel-less’. This means the screen will cover almost the entire front of the phone. This will give you more space to see and use apps. Furthermore, you can expect that these new iPhones will be even better than the Galaxy S24 and any other phone before them.

Additionally, the iPhone 16 Pro is expected to have a really good zoom camera like the one in the iPhone 15 Pro Max. On the other hand, the iPhone 16 Pro Max might have a new camera. That can take pictures with more detail, plus a battery that lasts longer. These new features will make the new iPhones great for taking photos. Furthermore, for using them for a long time without needing to charge them.

So, if you’re excited about getting a new phone, the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max are definitely ones to watch out for!

iPhone 16 Pro To Have The World's Thinnest Bezels

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