iOS 17.5 Update To Introduce New Features

Exciting news for Apple users! The tech giant is currently beta-testing the upcoming iOS 17.5 build, which is expected to be the final major update before the highly anticipated iOS 18 release. Recent insights have revealed some intriguing new features that users can look forward to in the coming weeks.

One standout addition is the introduction of Quartiles, a word-based game set to join the lineup of puzzle games available on Apple News+. Wordle enthusiasts are sure to be thrilled by this new challenge. Where players must piece together mini words to uncover the full solution. Each correct answer earns points, with a bonus of 40 points awarded for completing all five puzzles. Quartiles will join existing favorites like Crossword and Crossword Mini. Integrating seamlessly with the Game Center for enhanced gaming experiences.

Additionally, iOS 17.5 will see the return of color-changing podcast widgets. A feature initially introduced in the iOS 17.4 update but subsequently removed from the stable release. This feature dynamically adjusts the color scheme of podcast widgets to match the associated album art. That adds a visually appealing touch to users’ home screens. Furthermore, while Apple News+ and its new puzzle games are currently available in select markets, such as the US and Canada. Users worldwide can anticipate the rollout of these exciting features with the stable release of iOS 17.5.

iOS 17.5 Update To Introduce New Features


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