Being a gamer, we have all had an input device fail to register a vital button press and watched our poor character tumble into oblivion. Sometimes, this tragedy happens due to your lack of physical coordination, however, there are legitimate moments of hardware-related game failures. That is why you need to set your gear up correctly. Your most important piece of PC gaming gear is your gaming mouse.


Why setting up your gaming mouse correctly is essential?

Your mouse movements power anything you do in the game. For all first-person shooters, the mouse determines what you see and what you aim. In a terrifying competition, the speed and accuracy of the mouse inputs will make a significant difference. So it makes sense to schedule your mouse and the related gaming environment for best results.


Step 1. Get your space prepared

Room to move

It might not happen to you, but the actual location of the cursor is important. In the course of your game, you can move the mouse in every path of your mouse pad. That’s why you need to evacuate the area surrounding your mouse and mouse pad. Also, ensure you don’t restrict the movements of your mouse arm and wrist.


Watch the cords

An unmanaged mouse wire is a mess waiting to happen. Will you want to be trapped fighting your chord while the enemy plans to defeat you? You will reduce the risk of a cord accident by tucking off the cord and doing some simple cable maintenance. Or would you miss the cable with a wireless cursor? In any scenario, you would need to make sure that there are no traces of wireless interference in your gaming area.


Upgrade your mouse pad

It’s the long lost square that lies on the desk and gathers crumbs. Nothing is interesting about a new mouse pad. For years, you might have used an outdated textbook as a ‘temporary’ mouse pad. However, this is the base of the mouse functionality. You need one that is wide enough (30 cm square in the vicinity) to allow movement. A mouse-pad that’s too small would cause you to pick up the mouse and move it back to the middle. The mouse pad built for your mouse style will have the best surface response, such as Tronsmart Sine X Gaming Mouse Pad. You can easily find a good quality gaming mouse pad in Pakistan from Dab Lew Tech.


Look after the human components

Your relaxation is a vital aspect of the game setup. Hours of marathon play can lead to hurt wrists and crowded forearms if you haven’t made an adjustable gaming room for your mouse. Proper balance in your chair, ample space to rotate your arm comfortably, and a flexible mouse pad will guarantee the best results.


Step 2. Get windows working

Your operating system has identical settings for your mouse, and these settings are perfect for everyday use. However, most gaming mice come with their own that might be different, but more reliable setup programs. If you do not change your operating system settings, you run the risk of getting a software issue. If you have changed the scroll or pointer speed settings, restore them to their default settings. Next,  make sure you turn off all the mouse speed functions through the windows.

Step 3. Time to calibrate

This stage seems burdensome, but what it means is that it’s time to play some sports. You’ll be more able to change the preferences when you get a mouse to feel using the preset settings. The main aspect to be watched is the pace at which the mouse cursor passes the screen. Taking your new mouse for a test drive around what kind of game you’re hoping to spend time playing, to get a taste for the various needs.


Step 4. In-game consistency

Now that you have the mouse settings customized to your needs, you want them to be compatible with all games of the same type. It’s confusing to switch from a game environment of a high mouse sensitivity to a low environment. This mismatch might bring out terrible results. Go back and forth between games and change the sensitivity levels until you have a consistent response time. Nobody wants to waste hours skipping vital shots while you continue to adapt.