SoundPeats True Air 2, Budget Earbuds with Great Performance

SoundPeats True Air 2 is considered as the finest and top excellent headphones in all over the market. These headphones are also budget-friendly and a high-quality earbuds. In 2020 the SoundPeats True Air 2 were the highest selling product on Amazon.

SoundPeats contain the aptX codec with up to the battery life of total 25hours. With SoundPeats True Air 2 you will get the outstanding experience because these are waterproof as well. Our team Dab Lew Tech will review first and provide the latest headsets that are best in performance, designs and having latest features to see who they are the right fit for. Read the review and see if these headphones are the one that you should buy.

SoundPeats True Air 2 Specs & Review:

  1. Best sound system & Calling: The SoundPeats earbuds have the best sound system and with extreme bass which gives the great depths. The audio feel is best and has a balanced bass as compare to other earbuds. SoundPeats is wireless with the flawless connection and provide the best quality because it is upgraded to TWS plus. Also, when it comes to calling system the audio quality is clear and acceptable.
  2. Best Design and easy to use: the design of SoundPeats is best and you can use it every day. These earbuds is perfect for working out as well. SoundPeats earbuds are way lighter and a lot comfy as compare to other earbuds. SoundPeats True Air 2 are very handy earbuds and also very easy to use. Also, these air buds comes with the touch controls that makes the use very trouble-free and straight on the earbuds.
  3. Excellent battery life: SoundPeats contain the aptX codec with up to the battery life of total 25hours. The most beneficial thing about the SoundPeats true Air 2 is that it comes with a charging case that also works as a power bank. You can easily charge the earpieces up to 20 times a day. not only this, you can also charge your smart phone as well.
  4. Bluetooth connectivity: There is a newest Qualcomm Qcc3040 chip in the SoundPeats true air 2 which is built-in and the new 5.2 Bluetooth technology. This technology is upgraded with the optimized Bluetooth broadcast, and the perfect connection which enhances the sound. These earbuds contain the finest Bluetooth speakers in Pakistan. You will get the best and unique experience when you use the SoundPeats true Air 2.
  5. Charging and controls: Connectivity of these earbuds is also outstanding. The Bluetooth 5.0 can create the connection up to ten meters long. You can also easily switch among listening to two earpieces so; it can be possible for you to charge an earbuds at the time of listening as well.
  6. Perfect Noise: SoundPeats air pods come with the high quality of noise. You will get the best experience in making calls because it has the noise cancellation arithmetic. It has the cVc 8.0 technology which make sure to provide clear call without any distortion and contains the dual mic in each earbud. Mic works best to capture your voice in a finest way and the other one is used to diminish the noise around your area. These earbuds works right and perfect for the conference calls, and especially for the online courses or video calls.

Specification- SoundPeats true Air 2:

    • Bluetooth connectivity 5.0
    • Rain and sweat resistant IPX7 water-resistant
    • 5hour talk time with charging
    • Charge earpieces 20times with charging case
    • Comes with ear tips and USB-C cable
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SoundPeats true air 2 are the best quality and budget friendly earphones in Pakistan. It’s an excellent headset with the best features with the outstanding sound system. I hope this review will find out very informative and help you to buy the best quality earphones.