One of the best,  Anker power banks!

POWER BANKS: THE BUYING GUIDE We are living in an era of progress, science, technology. Today, everyone has a smartphone in hand and wireless ear pods in their pocket. As we are getting advanced day by day, people are starting to consider wireless electronics outdated. Even using a regular charger to charge mobile phones and get stuck in a place until the phone gets charged seems outdated and time-consuming. In short, we no longer want to wait for anything, and that’s completely fine because if technology is available to save time, then why wait? Anker power bank is the perfect choice!

To help ease the mobile charging time and make mobile charging portable, power banks were introduced. Today, the popularity of power banks has increased so much that, on average, every seven out of ten people have a power bank in their pocket. If you are fed up with charging your phone traditionally and waiting for hours until it gets charged, then it is the right time to buy a power bank.

You will find hundreds of different Anker power banks in the market, and each may differ in charging time, features, and other specifications. To make things easy, we have written this blog. Furthermore, read the blog and know things that you should consider before buying a power bank.


The definition of portability may differ from person to person. For example, if you often travel via car or with your backpack, then a power bank of significant size should be portable enough for you. However, if you prefer to walk or ride a bike, then big-sized power banks are not portable for you. In this case, looking for a smaller battery bank is convenient.


The ideal bank’s capacity depends upon your phone’s battery power as well as your usage. If you are a gamer, let’s say you play PUBG or Clash of Clans a lot on your phone, then buying a battery bank with a higher battery capacity is recommended. However, if your phone usage is nothing but calling, chatting, and socializing, then wasting money on higher battery capacity may not be a good idea.The phone’s battery power should also be considered before purchasing a battery bank. For instance, you bought a 10,000mAh battery while your phone’s battery strength is 2,500mAh. In this case, you will get three full charges with a single charge.


More availability of USB ports in battery banks means more people will be able to charge their phones. Therefore, buy a power bank with more USB ports. Anker is a brand that is known for producing quality power banks, and the Best Anker Power Bank is the one that has two to three USB ports. So, if you are looking for multiple USB ports, then an Anker power bank is recommended.


For starters, understand that input power or input current is the energy that your battery bank accepts to charge itself. In contrast, output power or output current is the battery bank’s energy to charge devices. Input power should always be high (up to 2.1A x 5v or 3A x 5v). Because higher input power means your battery bank will charge quickly. However, you will need to have a powerful charger to charge powerful power banks. In the case of the output power of the power bank, the phone’s input power should be considered. For instance, if your phone accepts up to 1A,

Buying a powerful battery bank will waste your money and may also damage the phone. However, if you have the latest Android or IOS device that accepts up to 2.1A. Then go for a powerful power bank.SUMMING UP In Pakistan, power banks are getting popular every day. Due to this, the market power bank market has seen some competition in recent years.

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