Apple Introduces M4 Chip

Apple just introduced M4, a super powerful chip for the new iPad Pro. This chip makes the iPad Pro really fast and thin. It has a special display engine that makes the screen look amazing. The new M4 chip has a super-fast CPU with up to 10 cores, a 10-core GPU for great graphics, and a super fast Neural Engine for artificial intelligence stuff. This makes the iPad Pro really good for things like games and other apps that use AI.

Johny Srouji from Apple says the M4 chip makes the iPad Pro the best of its kind. It supports cool features like OLED screens, adjusts brightness and colors automatically, and can show things really smoothly from 10 to 120 times per second.

There are some cool graphics showing how the M4 chip works. It has four super fast cores and six other cores that are also really efficient. The graphics show how the chip’s GPU works for great graphics and how the Neural Engine is super fast and efficient for AI stuff.

Apple Introduces M4 Chip

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