Apple And Google Partners To Address Unwanted Tracking

Are you trying to find out if this news “Apple And Google Partners To Address Unwanted Tracking” is true or not? Well it’s true! The two companies have worked closely on the project, sharing information and collaborating on new solutions. Therefore, this partnership is seen as a major step forward in the fight against unwanted tracking.

Ron Huang, the vice president of Sensing and Connectivity at Apple, stated that. The launch of AirTag was aimed at providing users with the assurance of finding their most valuable possessions. He added that AirTag and the Find My network came with a series of proactive features designed. To deter unwanted tracking, a first in the industry. Additionally, Apple is committed to constantly improving the technology to ensure its appropriate use. Therefore, through the collaboration with Google, this new industry specification builds on the AirTag’s protections, which is a significant step. Towards combating undesired tracking on iOS and Android.

Dave Burke, Google’s vice president of Engineering for Android, acknowledged the tremendous benefits of Bluetooth trackers. But, also recognized the potential for unwanted tracking, necessitating industry-wide action. He affirmed Android’s commitment. To safeguarding users and working with the industry to counteract the misuse of Bluetooth tracking devices.

Furthermore, by the end of 2023, Apple along with Google will team up and produce a finalized version of the unwanted tracking alerts specification. Which will subsequently be adopted into future iterations of iOS and Android to tackle user feedback.

Apple And Google Partners To Address Unwanted Tracking

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