The computer is an electronic system that takes data as input, executes data operations on the basis of the instructions contained in the memory, and generates output.

Primarily, it consists of two components: 1) hardware and 2) software. Computer hardware is a physical unit made up of electrical parts, such as registers, transistors, capacitors, etc. The software is a set of programmes that need the hardware to serve its function. While traditional computers can be used for the purpose of playing video games, little modification is required to optimize it.


This blog will be discussing the different hardware components and how they can be augmented to cater to video games. 



The central processing unit further consists of hardware components. These are discussed below:



The motherboard is the most critical hardware part of your machine when it comes to gaming. It is a hardware element that holds the other hardware components connected as a single entity. The motherboard or mainboard of a PC is a wide circuit board. Micro ATX boards are the most affordable ones whereas Mini ITX can be a little expensive. It all depends upon how much and for how long you want to play continuously. 



The microprocessor or the CPU is the foundation of a computer. It is programmed to execute all the arithmetic, logic and other simple programming processes that make up the behaviour of your machine. Whenever a user runs a word processor, a video game, a browser or some other software application, the CPU executes hundreds or even thousands of commands. The ideal microprocessor for gaming is AMD Ryzen 5 5600X.


Random Access Memory (RAM)

The Random Access Memory (RAM) is utilized to store data, instructions (programmes) that are read by the CPU for implementation. RAM is also known as main memory or primary memory. The data or instructions contained in the RAM may be obtained at random. This is the term Random Access. RAM is known as volatile memory, the data or information stored on the RAM can be erased until the device is shut off or the power is switched off. The ideal RAM for a gaming computer should be 16 GB or even more if you wish to perform multiple tasks at once. 


Read-Only Memory (ROM)

Read-Only Memory is a non-volatile memory on your computer, which is used to store firmware. As the name suggests, this memory can only be accessed, and the data stored on it is eternal, i.e. the data is maintained either when the device is shut off, or the power is switched off. Generally, ROMs are used to store BIOS (Basic Input Output System), also known as firmware. Pixel Experience and Lineage OS are the top two ROMs available in the market for gaming.



This is one of the most significant parts of the computer. It is compulsory to see anything happening in your computer system. It is connected from the CPU, which delivers the message, and it displays it on the screen for you.  It is a screen that displays everything to you. If you want to have a great gaming experience, make sure to get a high-resolution monitor screen. You may find wired and wireless screens.



These are essential to insert directions and commands in the computer. There is a wide variety of keyboards available ranging from gaming keyboards to mechanical keyboards. You need first to identify the purpose and then get a keyboard. There is a buzz of wired and wireless keyboards. The conclusion is to pick one that aligns with your goal. You can find a plethora of wireless and wired keyboards, as well as gaming keyboards, at Dab Lew Tech. 



A mouse is not given much attention, but it can determine how many hours you can work on your computer. There are numerous sizes and types of mouse available in the market. It is recommended to select the mouse as per your gripping style. The two main types of mice are optical and laser. Each one of these has its pros and cons. Explore the wide range of mouse offered by Dab Lew Tech.

These were some of the most crucial components of a computer system. If you are planning to get a computer system, you might have to visit the market, but you can get the wireless keyboard and mouse price in Pakistan online.