Gaming PCs these days are of a completely different breed. Back in the days, you only needed a good processor and Windows XP, and that’s pretty much it. That was basically the requirement to play legendary games like CS 1.6 or even FIFA 05.

Then the industry evolved, and you needed graphics cards to have a great gaming experience. This is when the NFS suite was a hot cake. The Need for Speed Underground and Most Wanted offered revolutionary graphics, and frankly, it was worth the hype.

Fast forward to today, the gaming landscape has evolved beyond bounds. Now it’s not just a PC with great specs that you need to have a great experience. While a processor, SSD, and a powerful graphics card still make up for the backbone of a gaming PC, the experience remains incomplete without other significant accessories.

Here are 5 accessories that you must consider purchasing if you are buying or already have a gaming PC:

Gaming Headphones

You don’t just need to hear enemies’ footsteps on the earphones while gaming. That was back in 2010. Now the games offer a lot more exciting sounds that you’d want to hear in high definition. There’s a background score that’s just right to induce emotions in you while you move through the game.

Then there are precise sounds that you need to hear to get the minute details the games offer. For all that, you need good quality headphones. You can even go hip and choose the ones with great designs. Ergonomically as well as fashionably!


If you don’t make the right investment in the display domain, then your gaming experience will always be incomplete. It’s just like having an SUV with 14-inch tires. The car will work just fine, but you can never push it to the limits it’s meant to perform.

Similarly, if you make substantial investments on the PC, you must ensure that you get the right monitor that gives you a seamless display and allows you to have the best gaming experience.

RGB Mechanical Keyboard

There’s no point in having a beast of a computer if you plan to game on it using a basic keyboard. You may play just fine, but you’ll reach your performance ceiling soon. To move through the limits, you need to make your fingers as comfortable as possible. That’s why you should get a mechanical keyboard that’s perfect for gamers.

That way, you can master your favourite games without tiring out your fingers. Plus, normal use keyboards also have an issue of keys getting stuck after some time. That can be too frustrating mid-game. Avoid all such hassles by making the right keyboard choice!

Mouse Pad

People often buy expensive mouse but don’t feel the necessity to invest in pads. Any mouse needs the right surface to perform optimally. If you don’t want your mouse to lose traction while you are in the critical moments of your game, then get the right pad to complement your mouse.

Surround Sound Speakers

This one isn’t mandatory, but this one can truly take your gaming experience up a notch. As mentioned above, games these days don’t just offer you thrill and excitement. They basically offer you a cinematic experience with HD graphics and awesome soundtracks.

You’ll truly enjoy the experience if you have the right speakers set up. If you are looking for external speakers for the room, then you can buy JBL amplifiers and speakers in Pakistan. Amongst the many brands available in the country, JBL stands tall as it offers great tech and sound at considerably reasonable prices.

Final Words

The gaming industry is booming day in and day out. So much so that even blockchain technology has now become a part of it. People are making efforts to make the gaming experience as thrilling and exciting as possible.

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