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Buy Spigen Mobile Phone Cases and Covers in Pakistan


Buy Spigen Cases and Protectors in Pakistan

Spigen Cases and Protectors in Pakistan has been launched on Dab Lew Tech since 2015. Dab Lew Tech is the official partner of Spigen in Pakistan that sells original items and offers an official warranties on Spigen products.

Get Spigen cases for iPhone 14 series, iphone 13 series, Spigen cases for Galaxy 22 series, Spigen covers for Galaxy Fold 4 and more at your doorstep in just under 24 hours in Karachi and within 48 hours across Pakistan.

Spigen Mobile Screen Protectors in Pakistan

If you have a Spigen Mobile Screen Protector in Pakistan, it won’t shatter into pieces. The tempered glass keeps all parts in place even if it breaks. The glass will not damage your phone screen or leave any residue. Because all Spigen screen protectors come with a special silicone adhesive, it doesn’t leave any residue on your screen when you take it off.

How to remove Spigen mobile screen protector?

If the screen protector is a bit thicker (tempered glass or full cover glass), it can be removed with a stiff card such as an ID card or credit card. Use the card to lift the screen protector from any corner of the screen protector. Once the corner has lifted off the device, hold the corner and slowly remove it.

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The brand has a product range that includes phones screen protectors, airpod’s cases, mobile cases and chargers.